DAVID LEE ZVANUT                                                                                   903-886-8053

5292 FM 2874                                                                                   http://www.zvanut.com

Commerce, Texas 75428                                                                         david@zvanut.com                                                     


Main FOH system

Ross 28 x 4-channel mixer with 8 aux sends

QSC RMX 1850 main amp

Mackie 1400i sub amp

Crown XLS 602 sub amp

Presonus ACP88 eight-channel compressor/limiter/gate

ART MDC 2001 dynamics processor

DBX iEQ dual 31-band EQ,

Digitech Quad 4 digital effects processor

BBE MAX3 crossover / Sonic Maximizer

Horizon Concert Series 150-foot 24 x 8 channel snake with monitor split

DBX AFS 224 feedback suppression unit

Two Community 18-inchsub speakers

Two Peavey FH2 dual 15-inch sub speakers

Two Frazier Texan main speakers

Four Frazier horns,

Four Yamaha S115V 15-inch 2-way speakers

Six Shure SM 58 vocal mics

Two Shure Beta 58 vocal mics

Audix D5 vocal mic

AKG D5 vocal mic

Sure SM 87 condenser vocal mic

Sennheiser e865 condenser vocal mic

Five Shure SM 57 instrument mics

Two Shure SM 81 condenser instrument mics

Sure PG 6 Mic drum mic system with AKG D112 kick-drum mic

Five passive DI boxes

Assorted mic stands

6 disk CD player

Apple MacBook Pro

All needed cords and adapters


4 Channel Monitor System, can be run backstage or FOH

Mackie 1604 VLZ mixer

24 x 4 fan to fan snake for split

Peavey PV900 stereo amp

Samson s500 stereo amp

DOD 215 EQ

Crate LS3 231 EQ

Two DBX AFS 224 feedback suppression units

Five Yamaha SM15V 2-way 15-inch monitor speakers



Two 10-foot light trees

Two 12-foot or 18-foot scaffold towers

34-foot truss

Eight 500-watt fresnel lights

Fourteen PAR 64 500-watt stage lights

175 foot 220 to dual 110-volt power distribution, 40 amp

Five 4-channel DMX dimmer packs

One 16-channel DMX controller


Additional items available:

Four 50-foot 10-gauge extension cords

Four 100-foot 12-gauge extension cords

Two 50-foot 14-gauge extension cords

Two 25-foot 14-gauge extension cords for fans, lights, and various power needs

Two 6-foot step ladders, one 10-foot step ladder

Two 20-foot extension ladders

10 x 10 pop-up shelter

6 x 8 drum riser

6 x 8 sound booth riser

16-foot x 24-foot x 22 or 34-inch carpeted stage with skirt

100 amp 10 circuit power drop