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Statement of Work

The materials I use in my sculptures are usually found or recycled. Many of them were discarded because they were broken, marred, or their owners saw them as useless or obsolete. For example, all of my colored glass comes from the scrap bucket at a local leaded glass studio. The windshield in “Rear Window” came from a dumpster. A university music department threw out the tympani.  I like to apply a high degree of finish to the materials without hiding naturally occurring flaws. One goal is for the viewer to notice the beauty in the flawed surfaces, and then reconsider their attitudes about people, ideas, and items that tend to be discarded as defective or useless.

In my paintings and sculptures I assemble various symbols, objects, colors, and shapes in such a way that these elements and the relationships between them load the artwork with content. My own experiences unlock meanings for me. I rely on the viewer's experiences to unlock any significance for them. This content will be the same only some of the time. Surprise for both artist and viewer happens when we discover our different interpretations.

David L. Zvanut, 2015